Save 30% on Crayon Strip Bandages 100-Pack!

Deals | July 6th, 2021


Feel better quick with fast protection!

Draw your child’s attention away from the injury and color their little world with smiles! Use the protective  bandages that resemble a happy crayon! Made with softness that moves and flexes, allowing movement which gets your child back to their business of fun! The long-lasting adhesive adheres to skin, even when wet. The ventilation holes allow air to get in, letting the wound breathe and heal faster. Features a pad that seals thoroughly on all sides to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering.

Why use bland when you can heal with happiness? Crayon Strip Adhesive Bandages are now $6.35, down from $9.12, a savings of $2.77!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.