Save 31% on a Two Pack of Silicone Stove Gap Covers!

Deals | December 29th, 2022


Discounted Item: Two silicone stove gap covers
Price at time of Publishing: $10.95

Fewer crumbs equals less strenuous cleaning!

There are many inventions that are considered the best since sliced bread and this will be one of them! These are America’s best-selling stove gap covers that will keep all of that hard-to-clean debris and crumbs from dropping nearly unreachable places! That little gap between your counter and your range has hosted a dark and gloomy space for decades. These silicone gap covers will put an end to the mystery substances hovering out of your grasp. Made of food-grade, silicon material, these non-slip and flexible strips conform to your stove and counter surfaces and are customizable by simply cutting with scissors. They are anti-dust and smudge resistant to keep your kitchen cleaner as well as being dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth!

This Two Pack of Essentials Silicone Stove Gap Covers is now $10.95, down from $15.95, a savings of 5.00!

Click here now to keep crumbs away and cash in your pocket!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.