Save 32% on Soft Recovery Pet Cone!

Deals | June 24th, 2021


Recover comfortably!

When your pet is recovering from surgery the last thing he needs is a plastic cone around his head! A big, bundle some, hard piece of plastic is as uncomfortable as it is scary! The SunGrow Pet Recovery Cone is pillowy soft, giving your pet a place to lay his head, allowing much-needed, healing rest. This cone can be flipped back towards your pet’s body allowing easy access to drinking and eating, also necessary for a healthy recovery. Doesn’t interfere with peripheral vision, making mobility safer. Lightweight, absorbent and washable!

Make the hard times easier and softer! The SunGrow Pet Recovery Cone is now $12.72, down from $18.95, a savings of $6.23!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.