Save 33% on Lemi Dish Detergent Booster! 

Deals | March 22nd, 2021


Get the clean you crave! 

Often hard water is the culprit that makes your dishes look dingy. Lemi dishwashing booster is made of natural ingredients and citric extracts that remove stains, hard water, lime, calcium, iron, and other mineral deposits that take the shine away from your table. Balancing the PH of your water will give you the results you want. Lemi Shine Booster is biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-toxic and septic system safe.

It also deodorizes as it cleans while being safe in all dishwasher systems. Use along with your dishwashing detergent in every load! No one wants the embarrassment of spotty dishes that are questionable as to whether they are clean or not. Add Lemi dish detergent to your next load of dishes to see them shine!

Get this 38-ounce package now for $19.49, down from $28.99, and save $9.50! Click TAKE ME THERE for your chance to save!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.