Save 34% on a Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box with 12V Vehicle Plug!

Deals | September 16th, 2022


Discounted Item: One Mini Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box with 12V Vehicle Plug
Price at time of Publishing: $39.56

Have a warm meal wherever you go!

If you have access to a vehicle, you don’t have to add mileage to have a warm meal! This amazing option is like a microwave, crockpot and oven combined, but much better and more convenient when out and about! This portable food warmer will make meals on the go with a 12V connector that plugs into your vehicle’s DC power outlet! It will cook or reheat fresh or frozen meats, vegetables, and leftovers using a heating element that won’t burn or dry out your meal. You will dine with food at a perfect temperature and this warmer will keep it just right until you’re ready, whether that is a few minutes or several hours! There’s no need to stand over a hot stove, fire, or even a microwave, simply place your meal inside, plug it in and come back whenever you choose.

This Portable Food Warmer Lunch Box with 12V Vehicle Plug is now $39.56, down from $59.95, a savings of $20.39!

Click here for this genius idea in changing the way you do lunch at work, dinner at the ballpark or any other meal that needs warning! 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.