Save 38% on a 64-Compartment Ornament Storage Container! 

Deals | June 19th, 2024


Discounted Item: A 64-Compartment Ornament Storage Container
Price at time of Publishing: $25.39

It’s approaching the halfway to Christmas mark, so get organized now! 

Ornaments can range from sentimental to breakable, both of which are irreplaceable. With spring cleaning behind you, use some of the summer to organize for the holidays so you can enjoy the season more. Avoid the disappointment of broken heirlooms and childhood memories, both yours and those with your kids, by bringing organization home now. This ornament storage and organizer features individual compartments to keep ornaments safe and protected from one year to the next. There will be no more wrapping in napkins and grimy newspaper when you have your ornaments safely nestled in this storage option made just for your special ornaments and keepsakes. This container can store small ornaments and easily accommodate larger ones with the removable dividers. The see-through front allows you to locate the contents you’re looking for with no hassle or need to open boxes. 

This 64-Compartment Ornament Storage Container is now $25.39 down from $40.00, a savings of $14.61! 

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