Save 39% on a Six Pack of Disposable Hanging Fly Bags!

Deals | March 9th, 2023


Discounted Item: Disposable fly bags
Price at time of Publishing: $10.99

Flies don’t belong at your cookout!

Thankfully, flies disappear in winter, but come summer they can do more than rain on your outdoor enjoyment! Before you bring out the grill, put out the fly traps to get a grip on these multiplying pests! Hang these traps outside around the perimeter of your yard in the sunlight and pour water into the bag. At that point, the bait begins to dissolve, react and volatilize an odor. Flies will be attracted and fly in from the lid where they will be trapped and die in the water. Simply cut the plastic on top along the dotted line and pour water below the marked water line. Each trap can catch thousands of harmful flies, keeping them away from your cookouts, food and more. When the trap is full, simply discard and replace. 

The Dwcom Six Pack Outdoor Hanging, Disposable Fly Bags is now $10.99, down from $17.99, a savings of $7.00!

Click here and feed the flies a meal they can’t resist at a price you can’t turn down!

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