Save 39% on an Electric Bug Zapper!

Deals | April 1st, 2021


A clean goodbye to pesky bugs!

No need to use harmful sprays and pesticides when you can cleanly and safely remove pests with a zap! No odors, non toxic with the grid encased in protective plastic for child and pet safety. Tested to ensure each product has a functioning life of more than 8,000 hours. Simply place on a flat surface or hang with the convenient ring.

The bug zapper features an out-of-sight bottom tray that collects bugs, flies, and mosquitos. Easy to clean by simply removing the tray, then clean with a brush or warm water. Enjoy summer life indoors and out without the pests simply and effectively!

The Loytio Bug Zapper Lantern is now $16.99, down from $27.99…a savings of $11.00! Click TAKE ME THERE now to purchase yours!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.