Save 40% on a Josobo Personal Portable Blender!

Deals | February 28th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Josobo Personal Portable Blender
Price at time of Publishing: $29.96

Blend up the easy way to gain great tasting nutrition!

This personal blender is ideal when you’re the only one willing to take the road to better health. Features include the power of ten cyclone cutter heads and a hefty motor all within a compact design. It will have fresh or frozen ingredients turned into a delicious smoothie or shake in seconds. It includes a rechargeable blending jar so you can enjoy nutritious drinks on the go and is the perfect option for traveling, workouts or office breaks. The built-in high-capacity dual battery can be conveniently charged from a computer or other USB power source. The blender can be fully charged in one to three hours and can then serve up to 40 drinks. This portable blender has a capacity of up to twelve ounces at a time.

This Josobo Personal Portable Blender is now $29.96, down from $49.99, a savings of $20.03!

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