Save 40% on Blue Light Glasses for Gaming, Computers, TV Watching and More!

Deals | November 4th, 2022


Discounted Item: Blue Light Glasses
Price at time of Publishing: $23.99

Play and work longer with blue light protection!

Extended exposure to blue light from electronics like computers, phones, TVs, and video games can cause eye fatigue and stress. Now you can filter out high-energy blue light while protecting your eyes from these harmful rays with better focus on your game or work. Blue light, over time, has been shown to increase the risk of vision conditions from dry eyes to macular degeneration. Help maintain the health of your eyes by filtering out 90% of these harmful high-energy blue light rays with these low-color distortion lenses that provide the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.

The ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses are now $23.99, down from $39.99, a savings of $16.00!

Click here and save a bundle on the price of blue light glasses while adding safety to your priceless vision!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.