Save 43% on a 300 Piece Set of Compostable Disposable Plates and Mealtime Accessories!

Deals | April 27th, 2023


Discounted Item: Eco friendly, compostable plates, napkins and accessories
Price at time of Publishing: $22.99

Focus on fun, not dishwashing when you take advantage of this deal!

This eco-friendly plate, utensil and napkin set is made with sugarcane fibers and paper which is all BPA and plastic free! The 300-piece set includes fifty nine-inch compostable dinner plates, fifty seven-inch paper dessert plates, fifty paper napkins, plus biodegradable CPLA cutlery consisting of fifty forks, fifty knives and fifty spoons. The plates are made of sugarcane bagasse fiber with no plastic or wax lining and are super sturdy to hold foods without bending and spills while also handling high-temperature items without deformation. The cutlery is strong enough to cut through just about any food, even steak! This set is great for those nights when dish cleaning and washing is a dread as well as the perfect service for camping, picnics, barbecues, events, parties, weddings and more. Enjoy more with less mess!

The FOCUSLINE 300 Piece Compostable Disposable Heavy-Duty Paper Plates, Utensils and Napkins is now $22.99, down from $39.99, a savings of $17.00!

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