Save 43% on a Tower French Fry Cutter!

Deals | July 5th, 2024


Discounted Item: A Tower French Fry Cutter
Price at time of Publishing: $17.97

Cut the chase of trying to love frozen fries! 

With potatoes so affordable and prep time fast, why would anyone choose frozen over fresh-cut french fries? This tower fry cutter is on sale now at huge savings, so don’t wait on the delicious, crave-able snack and side that goes with anything. This handy kitchen helper quickly slices perfect french fries as well as veggies in one easy motion. It can also chop and dice to make its functions even better. Features include a pop-out pusher device and removable grids that make clean-up fast and easy plus a clear container that catches and holds the sliced veggies for less mess. The non-skid base is added to give stability and avoid accidents. 

This Tower French Fry Cutter is now $17.97, down from $31.49, a savings of  $13.52!

Click here to save and enjoy the taste of fries that only fresh-cut potatoes can provide! 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.