Save 48% on an Earring Organization, Storage Display Box!

Deals | March 2nd, 2022


Discounted Item: One Earring Organization, Storage Display Box
Price at time of Publishing: $12.99

Take time to be organized especially with your valuables! 

How easy it is to misplace the back of an earring or let the front fumble into the carpet or down a drain. Prevent that heart-sinking thought from becoming a reality with a case that will protect, store and display your meaningful pieces. This box features a see-through lid with an inside lined with a black velvet material. The dark contrast with sparkling jewelry will allow you to spot and see all 32 slots with ease. The lid locks securely into place with buttons that snap shut to keep your items secure with no worries of it bursting open. The metal latch adds to the security while the included pink microfiber dust cloth keeps everything dust-free. If you don’t have jewelry, this organizer works beautifully for collections of small items, storing embellishments, stamps, clips, craft items, and small office supplies.

The Super Z Outlet Earring Display Case is now $12.99, down from $24.99, a savings of $12!

Click here to save some cash as well as your small valuables!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.