Save 50% on a Kitchen Accessory and Appliance Scrub Brush Set!

Deals | July 12th, 2022


Discounted Item: A five-piece kitchen brush cleaning set
Price at time of Publishing: $9.90

To clean the hardest-to-reach places with ease, all you need is the right tool!

This attractive set of blue and wood-handled brushes is the perfect kitchen helper when it comes to cleaning everything from baby bottles to the tiny crevices of blenders, coffee makers, food processors, water bottles, and more! The brushes are BPA-free and made of premium nylon bristles with stainless steel stems for long-lasting use. The brushes range from 14” to 17” allowing an easy reach that gets to the bottom of your kitchen cleaning needs. The hook is an additional plus allowing the brushes to hang for quick, sanitary drying and easy storage.

This Five-Pack Brush Cleaner Kitchen Scrub Set is now $9.90, down from $19.90, a savings of $10!

Click here to save your appliances, your money, and your sanity when it’s time to clean in a detailed manner!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.