Save 57% on a Circle Pattern Yard Sprinkler!

Deals | June 17th, 2021


Hits the spot with no waste!

Gilmour Circle Pattern Spot Sprinkler gets the water where you want it without wasting time and money on wide ranges that don’t need moisture. Target small areas, trouble spots, or newly seeded spaces for nourishment where you need it. The gentle, fountain-like spray slowly waters your lawn or garden, allowing time to soak all the way to the roots without running off and unnecessary pooling. Covers a 30 ft. x 30 ft. square pattern. Made of heavy-duty metal for lasting stability. Also makes a great outdoor water feature for the kids to play and cool off!

Give your yard gentle rain instead of a damaging downpour! The Gilmour Circle Pattern Spot Sprinkler is now only $5.99, down from $13.99, a savings of $8.00!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.