Save 60% on Ricola Honey Lemon Anesthetic Cough Suppressant!

Deals | July 15th, 2021


From a cough to tickle…you need a quick fix from Switzerland! 

So you’re on an important phone call and you feel that tickle coming. Or you can’t stop the cough from a simple cold and everyone looks at you like you have the “C-word”! Get it all under control fast with Ricola! This anesthetic cough suppressant gives relief from cough and sore throat. Made with a blend of ten Swiss herbs and no artificial flavors or colors. Calms cough while soothing pain and irritation. Gluten-free and vegetarian with a great-tasting honey lemon flavor. Contains 19 drops!

Whenever the urge to cough hits, be ready! Ricola Dual Action Cough Suppressant & Oral Anesthetic Throat Drops are now $1.98, down from $4.99, a savings of $4.99!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.