Save 64% on UV Cell Phone Sanitizer!

Deals | April 23rd, 2021


Your own personal virus protector!

Here’s great protection from bacteria and viruses with the help of a powerful UV Cleaning system. Keep delicate items such as cell phones, make-up, makeup tools, eyeglasses, wallet, and more free of germs in just 60 seconds! Clinically tested to rid 99.9% of airborne contaminants. The UV phone sanitizer and the bag fit conveniently in your purse, suitcase, diaper, or gym bag.

This rechargeable coverage safely keeps your personal items cleaner without harmful chemicals. Simply put the item in, lock it, and clean it for safe disinfecting! Putting items on or near your face makes you more susceptible to germs and contracting illness. Feel at ease when you put glasses on or talk on your phone or even crank your car!

The HoMedics UV Light Sanitizer is now $35.69, down from $99.99, a savings of $64.30! Click TAKE ME THERE and save while being better protected!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.