Save Money on Your Halloween Staycation

Blog | October 19th, 2012

Save Money on Your Halloween Staycation

Traveling is a lot of fun! It’s always nice to spend some time away from all the work and the pressure. However, traveling can also be expensive. In the fall season, almost everyone should set his or her vacation plans because it is the off-season for traveling.  Yet, all the planning can still become time consuming and all the expenses could really hurt your pocketbook.  All of this can become overwhelming as well as costly.

If you want to make the most out of this season without spending a bunch of money on travel, you should plan a staycation, especially for the Halloween season!

Here are some ideas for frugal staycations during Halloween:

1. Camping: Halloween Style

Plan a camping activity with the rest of your family and friends! Instead of going to activities outside of the city and paying extra for almost everything, you can camp instead, even in your own lawn! Plan out a camping activity with friends and family and make it a Halloween themed camping trip. If you already have a tent or maybe sleeping bags, then you do not have to buy new ones. However, if you feel you need to buy some, then you can get inexpensive camping stuff from thrift stores!

2. Visiting Local Historical Sites

You don’t really need to go to far just to find an interesting outing. Instead of visiting famous tourist spots and sites in a different part of the country, you can simply visit some local historical sites or museums! You will be surprised to know that most of the time; they feature great Halloween exhibits and prepare interactive exhibits that users can participate in.  You can even poke around at local museums and feel the Halloween season in the air with all their fun and exciting activities.  There’s lots of fun and education to be had and you don’t have to bust your budget to see it!

3. Take a short trip to the Next Town Over

If you feel the urge to stay in a hotel for a relaxing vacation, then you can head to the nearest hotel in your town, or maybe take a short trip to the next town over. This is a great way to get away for a little while close to your hometown! Before you do that, be sure to stay on your budget and search for activities that will keep you busy during your stay! For instance, you can stay one night in a budget hotel outfitted with a pool and take a relaxing swim!