Saving In Season: Affordable Produce To Buy This Spring

Blog | March 30th, 2018

Saving In Season: Affordable Produce To Buy This Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time to shake up the dinner menu.

With a new season comes new saving opportunities for shoppers that know where to look. Based on availability, flavor and price, here’s the produce that you should look for next time you’re at the grocery store.


This vegetable may be in your grocery store year-round, but spring is when asparagus starts to shine. Not only will you find more sales and cheaper prices as it becomes more available. Spring asparagus will also be easy to cook thanks to its improved flavor during this time of year.


Not everyone in your home may enjoy them, but beets are a fantastic way to add variety to your spring recipes. This root vegetable can bring bold color and flavor to salads, soups and more. They’re sure to be available for cheap this time of the year. Pick firm, smooth beets with strong green leaves for the best results!

Fresh Herbs

If there’s one time of the year when you should give fresh herbs a try, spring is it. The abundance of herbs growing after the winter leads to cheaper prices in most parts of the country. Switching away from dried herbs can add an abundance of flavors to all of your dishes. You can make them last even longer by placing the stems in water at home!


Spinach is another year-round vegetable that finds its form in spring. Fresh spinach will be affordable and available, and we love how versatile it is. Whether you stick it in salads, put it in a pasta, or sauté it with garlic, spinach is a healthy green that won’t break the bank. It doesn’t take an expert chef to fit these vegetables into hundreds of recipes.

New Potatoes

Although they’re similar to standard, russet potatoes, new potatoes have some slight differences that make it an affordable spring option. These yellow, red and white potatoes have thinner skin and have a slightly different size and texture. They’re just as easy to roast or steam, which makes them a great dinner side dish.

Salad Greens

Spring is a time for salads, mostly because leafy greens are in season. Options like kale, chard, arugula, romaine and more are fresh and affordable during this time of year. You aren’t limited to salads because most of these greens take on new and interesting flavors when cooked. Store these vegetables in a high humidity part of your fridge to increase their lifespan!