See What You Save

                  Us humans are strange, aren’t we? It seems that we need to see everything we do, gain some sort of instant gratification. If we can’t physically see progress, it’s hard to stay motivated. Here are a few easy ways to see the savings as they happen!

                  The smallest savings habits are often the hardest to keep, because it’s hard to really see progress and gain any sort of feelings of accomplishment. Have you ever started saving coins in a big jar and completely forgotten about it? There is a reason why these things tend to fail. If you’re not getting anything out of it, why continue? Start saving coins in a smaller jar. That way, you’ll be able to view your progress more easily, and will cash out the money in a smaller amount of time. You can work your way up to a bigger jar, but a small container will reward you quicker, making it easier to form a habit.

                  Looking for a larger savings technique? A little assistance may make it easier. Have your bank give you a hand! All banks have a money marketing saving account, or something similar to it. You can have your bank remove a certain amount of money from your checking account to savings each week. You set the amount and the bank will automatically make the transfer. You can also set it up so every time money is deposited it will automatically transfer a portion to savings. This is beneficial for those that prefer online banking. Of course there are other ways. You can make your savings account inaccessible. Create an account that is exclusively a deposit account. The “Christmas Club” account is a great example of a long-term, no-access account. If your goal is to save money for the end of the year, and you know you always end up dipping into savings, then this account may be a good idea for you.

                  Stretch what you have! The typical family lives in excess of what they probably should be. Try cutting back a little! If you’re like most people, it can be difficult to stay motivated while shopping. It’s hard to get excited when you save 35 cents on a box of cereal. However, if you make a habit out of shopping smart, you’ll obviously save a substantial amount. How can you see the progress? Make a spreadsheet! Track all the grocery spending you do every week. By consciously trying to limit your spending, you’ll be able to see the large sum of saving in the spreadsheet. If you see your weekly spending drop from $400 to $250, it makes much more of an impact than looking at the savings item by item.

                  Typical people want to see what they save now. By trying these methods (saving coins in small jars, letting your bank transfer money into savings and keeping track of your spending), you’ll be sure to enjoy what you’ll see: money being saved. How do you stay motivated to save? Tell us in the comments!