Test and Keep a Meeting Owl Pro!

Freebies | May 18th, 2022


Potential Reward: A Meeting Owl Pro
How to Redeem: Enter your email address and follow the survey funnel for a chance to be selected as a product tester for this reward.

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If you’re one of the many people working remotely and collaborating with coworkers across the world, you know that meetings can be a challenge. Well then, meet the Meeting Owl.🦉

Yes, this device is adorable as it resembles a sweet yet wise owl; but it’s also powerful with features any business – big or small – can benefit from. The Meeting Owl Pro has a 360-degree high-definition camera, mic, and surround-sound speaker so everyone involved can be seen and heard. You may be gathered around a conference table in Tennessee but you’ll feel like you’re in the room with your colleagues in Beijing. It also integrates meeting platforms you probably already use including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more.

Now is your chance to test and keep a Meeting Owl Pro. No purchase is necessary, all you have to do is enter your information and complete a consumer survey funnel for a chance to be selected as a product tester to test, review, and keep this reward.

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