Test and Keep the Laptop of Your Choice!

Freebies | May 20th, 2022


Potential Reward: A Laptop Worth $1,000
How to Redeem: Enter your email address and follow the survey funnel for a chance to be selected as a product tester for this reward.

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Are you a student, a graphic designer, a writer, or a casual computer user? What kind of laptop you get should depend on what you need it for.

Here is your chance to test out your choice of a Lenovo Yoga or a MacBook Air. Both are sleek and lightweight but have different processors and amounts of memory. One interesting thing about the Yoga is its ability to turn the screen in different ways when presenting to others or using it as a drawing pad. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s a touchscreen? Meanwhile, if you’re an Apple lover like some of us, you won’t be able to pass on the MacBook Air. It boasts speed and power, making it a favorite among students.

Products testers are wanted to test a Lenovo Yoga Laptop or a MacBook Air worth $1,000. No purchase is necessary, all you have to do is enter your information and complete a consumer survey funnel for a chance to be selected as a product tester to test, review, and keep this reward.

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