Reward Opportunity: Keep a KitchenAid Standing Mixer + Accessories!

Freebies | January 13th, 2022


Potential Reward: KitchenAid Standing Mixer plus additional Accessories.
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If you don’t know of the marvelous power of a KitchenAid standing mixer, you’re missing out!

This beast of a machine is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you could ever own. Not only does it come with tools to mix, blend, and knead, but you can also add attachments to make homemade pasta noodles! If you don’t have one, you’re going to want to read about how you’re be able to get one for free! Product testers will have the opportunity to test and keep the KitchenAid standing mixer with accessories. If you’re already convinced, sign up here.

The KitchenAid stand mixer is your kitchen’s best friend when it comes to cooking and baking. Learn how powerful this machine is! Right now there is an exciting opportunity for a product tester to test and review the KitchenAid standing mixer plus the additional accessories and attachments. No purchase is necessary to receive the KitchenAid.

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