The 5 Best Organizing Tools To Stay Productive All 2022

Blog | January 5th, 2022

With mounds of stress, virus-induced brain fog, sickness, loss, confusion, and devastation (to name a few) the past two years have left most of us on a time and energy roller coaster. This is the year to take our lives, emotions, and schedules back and get them under control! We can start by taking each area one day at a time, one task at a time until we corral and regain our focus in new, positive ways. Putting productivity and organization back on track will better manage our time, energy, and jobs along with our total well-being. To make that happen, there are multitudes of items that can fill the gap and help us have a better start to 2022 and continue all year long! Here are five ways to get started and be back on top in no time!

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Mounting bills and credit card debt are big stress-inducing culprits, especially right after the holidays. A simple calendar can be a reminder to complete payments and really, any task. Another option is setting up an app for organizing cash flow by adding automatic reminders. Making payments on time, chopping down balances quickly, and avoiding mounting interest will unload stress while adding cushions to bank accounts. Getting debt under control is a huge step to mental and physical well-being. So, if you prefer simplicity, hang a calendar on the wall and use it! A dry-erase version will allow you to reuse the same option over and over, adding a little more jungle to your pocket! If you are more of the tech type, go with an app!

Color-Coded Planner 

Next, stay on schedule and organize at a glance using color-coding. Each task will be clear and easy to follow which results in being productive. Color coding involves using colored pens, highlighters or stickers to make each section stand out. First, choose your planner. Choosing a different color for items related to finances, home, family, work, blog or other areas of your life can help you quickly see areas of priority for each day. You will gain the most benefit using this option by coding by urgency over simply categorizing. For example, make your “must do soon” list in red/orange and move to cooler colors for those less pressing tasks. In doing this, with one glance you will be in a first things first mentality!

Shred the Unnecessary

There is no way to be organized with overwhelming clutter surrounding you. It comes to us every day whether at home or at the office. Often we go out and at every turn, someone is handing us advertisements and invitations to unknown places. Our mailboxes flood with the same. As soon as these paper accumulating nightmares enter your door, shred them! Ahhh, the relief you will feel with a clear desk and mystery mail headed to the recycling center! This alone will keep you focused on progress!

Voice Recorder/Dictator

This is a handy device to keep life running smoothly with everything from quick reminders, scheduling, ideas towards building a résumé to simply making a grocery list. When a great idea or need comes to mind, record it! With this gadget, you won’t have to fill space on your phone which is a major annoyance in itself. Keep each goal and idea separate and as each task is accomplished, simply delete it.

Wear a Fitbit

Start now by taking deep breaths and small steps which will lead to huge strides towards bringing life back to a normal state. Being healthy will in turn give you a brand new lease on life! There are all sorts of goals with one of the most important being your health and fitness. After all, without these, you’ll have a hard time meeting all the others. Wearing a Fitbit it’s like having a personal cheerleader to keep you motivated. It also keeps you on the right path toward your goals, keeps you accountable, and encourages you to make better choices in all aspects of your health. Now is the time for new beginnings and keeping an eye on your health, which should be everyone’s first priority. When you feel good, you have clarity, motivation and are much more likely to end your day with a job well done.