The Best 2023 Freebies So Far That Are Still Available!

Blog | February 24th, 2023

If you’re looking for freebies, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we publish the latest and greatest free stuff each day, but we also keep track of what’s still available and what has run its course. There have been some great freebies so far in 2023 from food rebate offers to trial memberships and more. Here are some of the freebies we’ve found so far that you can still snag!

20 FREE Organic Tea Bags πŸ«–

This rebate offer includes a whole pouch of 20 tea bags! Sign up for the offer, purchase your pouch from Walmart, and you’ll get your rebate to make it free. Flavors include: Hibiscus Tea, Spearmint Tea, Green Tea, or Chamomile Tea.

4 FREE Bon-Bites at Cinnabon 🀀

Many restaurants and eateries have rewards programs but it can take multiple trips and a lot of dough to earn your goodies. The Cinnabon eClub on the other hand rewards you right away with a four-count pack of their delectable Bon-Bites. Download the app and sign up today!

FREE Box of Pasta at Sprouts 🍝

Brami pasta proclaims itself a healthier pasta with simple ingredients: semolina wheat and lupini beans. See what you think of this alternative dish with a rebate offer at Sprouts for a box of Brami. Your purchase price will be sent to you via Venmo or Paypal within 24 hours.

A FREE LEGO Life Magazine Subscription πŸ‘§ πŸ§’

This free subscription is geared toward kiddos 5 – 9 years old but even younger kids will love looking at the bright, colorful ages. Seasoned LEGO lovers will enjoy the inspiration they’ll get from the magazine which includes games, comics, posters, and more. The magazine is delivered five times a year.

A FREE Customized Donut 🍩

Another rewards program freebie we love – Duck Donuts offers new members a free donut – who could say no to that? You’ll get your free customized donut after you download the Duck Donuts Rewards App and register.

A FREE Individual Pizza πŸ•

What’s better than a free slice of pizza – how about a whole pizza to yourself!? Uno Pizzeria and Grill offers a free individual pizza when you sign up for the Uno Extra Club or download their app. Easy as pie! Pizza pie that is…

FREE Fabric Swatches from Williams-Sonoma 🧢

With this freebie, you can choose up to 15 high-quality fabric swatches to have sent to you. Of course, these are intended as previews for furniture you may buy from Williams-Sonoma… but they also come in handy for crafting projects and as a sensory activity for young kids. Put the swatches in an empty tissue box and let little ones delight in pulling them out over and over!

A FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

Jiffy Mix has been a staple of pantries for years; but you may not know all the things this mix can do. Signing up for this freebie is quick and easy and will help you with some quick and easy cooking too!

A FREE 23-Day Trial of Wondrium 🧠

One of the longest trials offers we’ve seen! For over three weeks you can sample the content of Wondrium from streaming courses to documentaries to other educational programs. Subjects include art, history, philosophy, and much more.

FREE Small Plate at California Pizza Kitchen 🍽

Signing up for CPK’s Rewards will immediately get you this reward! You’ll start out your meal (or add to it) with a small plate with choices including salads, white corn guacamole and chips, and more. Note: Their menu may vary by location.

Get going and sign up for these freebies and rewards now before it’s too late!

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