The Best Economical and DIY Wedding Gifts 2019

Blog | August 6th, 2019

Summer and weddings simply go together. As the invitations roll in, for many of us, we wonder how are we going to get a much-needed vacation and still afford all those gifts?

This is an incredibly special day for the bride and groom, so you want your gift to them to be special as well. It is a day professing love; therefore, you want your gift to be heartfelt. So how do you come up with a gift that is affordable and thoughtful, yet one you will be proud to give? Let’s put economical and DIY together and see what we come up with!

We Met, We Merged, We Married Frame

Make this impressive yet inexpensive gift that really does save the date! You’ll need a frame, a mat with three openings and a paper map. There are so many ways and options to make this. One is to trace hearts onto cardboard with a cookie cutter and cut them out. Do the same with the correct areas on the map and glue them on the cardboard hearts.

Glue the map/hearts to the backing of the frame and place the mat in position over the three hearts, and then frame it. You can also mod podge maps to wooden hearts and finish it the same way. You can do it as pictured or rename to “We Met, We Got Engaged, We Married”. The possibilities are numerous! The newlyweds will treasure every glance as they remember the place they met, got engaged and most of all got married!

Wooden Tray with Name and Initials

Every engaged or married couple loves to show off their newly shared initial. This tray is a perfect way to do that! Whether as a display on the coffee table or to use as an actual serving tray, they will use it proudly!

Photo Initial Collage

Speaking of initials, this will show it off and then some! You will need, of course, the letter, some mod podge and as many photos of the sweet couple as you can get your hands on. The photos can be returned because all you need to do is print them on copy paper. This special gift will combine their married name and a multitude of events leading up to that special day!

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Wedding Window Photo

If you can hold off a while on the gift, it will be well worth the wait! What couple wouldn’t treasure one of their wedding pictures behind a beautiful, possibly historical window frame? If you are persistent, you can find the frame for free. Decide on your picture, blow it up to the appropriate size, then send the file to Staples to have it printed as an engineering print. It only cost $5.00 to print a picture that size (34 in. x 40 in.) in black and white! The quality isn’t perfect but that doesn’t matter, it is going to be cut into sections and put behind an old window, anyway.

DIY Photo Coasters

Everyone uses coasters and everyone loves photos. Make the bride and groom their own personalized set. Plan ahead and snap some photos of the couple leading up to their wedding day. Put some sneaky friends to work taking non-conspicuous photos so you can get several different scenarios. Then all you’ll need is some 4 x 4 tiles, some mod podge, adhesive-backed cork (or another protective backing) and a paintbrush. Every time the new Mr. and Mrs. share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, they will think of you!

Keep The Love Alive From Afar

Not everyone wants to make their gift. We may simply not have time. So, if time is really an issue, here’s an easy way out. Gift cards can seem so impersonal. But not if you put the right spin on them.

Depending on your budget, purchase as many generic gift cards as you are comfortable with. If you know what their favorite places are, there can be an element of surprise and excitement added as they “draw” their night out of a basket. No matter how many you buy, make sure each will fully cover expenses of one full date night.

When the honeymoon is over, the return to reality, work, and bills come all too soon. Date nights become a rare treasure and are often put on the back burner because real life is expensive. Put each gift card in a sealed envelope. Make the envelopes attractive, special and arrange them in a basket. Give them a card of congratulations as well, explaining that inside each of the remaining envelopes is a special night out!