The Many Uses of Orange Peels!

Blog | September 12th, 2012

The Many Uses of Orange Peels!

Oranges remain the most commonly consumed fruit in the United States. After consumption, most people throw away the orange peels after enjoying the juicy and refreshing fruit inside. However, if you only knew the magic these pieces of orange skin have. You probably wouldn’t throw them away! These magical things can be so useful. Orange peels offer so many advantages and benefits that you may be astonished! Today, let us see some of the hundred of uses for orange peels.

Exfoliating Scrub

Orange peels contains citric acid and vitamin C which are natural exfoliants. This can help even out your skin tone while firming the skin’s surface. You’ll gain similar results and effects to commercial brands without the burden of cost. Your skin will glow naturally, making you look younger and radiantly beautiful. To make your own exfoliating scrub, just ground orange peels with a dash of some salt and sugar to boost its power. You can find different recipes for making a complete and detailed process of making an orange peeling scrub.

Effective Repellant

Some animals and insects such as cats, ants, mosquitoes and slugs generally don’t like strong smells. Fortunately, orange peels are not exempted from this. You can apply this trick by simply adding orange peels around the areas in your house where you don’t want them to be present. To make this method more effective, crush dried orange peels, burn them and let the smoke and scent surround your entire home to drive annoying mosquitoes away. This will also give your house a scrumptious orange scent!

Natural Orange Zest

If you love cooking or baking, or maybe both, then you can use orange peels as a natural orange zest. Use orange peels instead of purchasing commercial artificial orange flavorings and additives. The zest of oranges can be used in an endless variety of dishes, cakes and pastries.

Fire Starter

Because the oil present in orange peels is so volatile, you can use it as an efficient fire starter. Begin by squeezing the oil of orange peels onto a bundle of lint. Ignite it using a lighter or a match, then it will create a flame beautifully. This is perfect for camping and other door activities.

Brown Sugar Preservative

You might notice that brown sugar will become hard and crunchy after a while in storage. To avoid this, a few dried orange peels mixed in will draw moisture away. This will help prolong the shelf-life of your brown sugar for a longer period of time.

The next time you throw away orange peelings, think of these uses and the possible benefits they may give you.

Do you have other uses of orange peelings? Kindly share it with us by leaving your comments below!