The Many Uses of Petroleum Jelly!

Blog | September 5th, 2012

The Many Uses of Petroleum Jelly!

Did you know that petroleum jelly is a wonderful standby, not only for its medical purposes?

Most people know that petroleum jelly is great for when your hands get dry, often from cold winter weather. If your hands are dry or peeling, petroleum jelly can be the solution! When your hands get really dry (like bleeding dry – yikes!) some people will coat their hands with petroleum jelly and sleep with thin cotton gloves on! This has been said to heal them in a night or two. Did you know that petroleum jelly has many other uses? Read on and let us know of what you think about the other benefits you can get from petroleum jelly.

1. When you are up for some messy painting or any other dirty chore, grab your petroleum jelly and rub it on your hands. This will give you an invisible glove. You can also use the same trick when you plan to paint the ceiling. Petroleum jelly is perfect to protect your face too!

2. Have you had trouble opening glue tubes or any screw cap? Next time around, put on some thick coat of petroleum jelly. It will make it easier to remove the cap, especially if the ingredients can seal.

3. Do you find it hard to remove bulbs? It is important to keep your CFLs tight, but when it is time to remove them, a thin coating over the threads of your light bulbs will make removal very easy.

4. Petroleum jelly can help with your furniture too! If you have noticed, your furniture might get white water rings and hot dish marks, which is very upsetting! Coat it with jelly and let it stand overnight.

5. You can shine your patent leather with petroleum jelly! Whether it is your bag, your shoes or just about anything with patent leather, petroleum jelly can do the job!

6. Power emergency? Grab a birthday candle and place it in a jar of petroleum jelly. This will give you light for hours.

7. Cleaning time is never easy without your vacuum cleaner. Have the attachments of your vacuum cleaner coated with petroleum jelly. It will be a whole lot to easier to install and to remove!

8. If you have problems with your refrigerator door, and it does not quiet seal, get your bottle of petroleum jelly and apply a thin coating. It will do the job for you.

9. To help refrain it from dust and rust, coat the chrome of your car with petroleum jelly before you just stash it away for storage.

10. Have nuts and bolts easily removed with a thin coat of petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly is indeed a wonderful product with many uses! It is cheap too! Did you like today’s blog? What other uses of petroleum jelly can you add up to the list? Let us know by writing your comments!