The Most Helpful Remote Interviewing Tips for 2022

Blog | December 10th, 2021

As more companies conduct remote interviews, adapting to this style could prove helpful. There are a few vital differences between in-person and virtual interviews, and you can take advantage. 

This article highlights the most successful behaviors in a remote interview. It can be a blueprint for how you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Interviewing Best Practices

Before we dive into remote interview strategies, here are some best practices to consider for any interview:

  • Develop an effective list of questions
  • Write out your answers to the most standard interview questions
  • Outline key accomplishments, projects, and stories you want to share
  • Research the company, its mission, and recent news
  • Have a list of references available

Remote Interview Challenges

Remote interviews present a few unique challenges that in-person interviews do not. First, technical difficulties can disrupt the flow of communication. Either party could have an unstable connection, which may not be the best first impression.

Secondly, it is challenging to analyze body language in a remote interview. A laptop camera can only give away so much. It may be challenging to pick up on nonverbal cues and facial expressions throughout the conversation.

Lastly, remote interviews do not produce as much of a personal touch. There are no handshakes, and you do not share a room with the interviewer. Discovering the company’s culture will be more challenging when you do not walk through the office itself.

Tricks and Tips to a Successful Remote Interview

How can you stand out above the crowd through a remote interview? Below are eight behaviors and tips you can implement to nail this critical first impression.

Have Notes Available

Preparation is key when it comes to a remote interview. Because it is tough to remember everything, you need a reliable way to organize your thoughts. This sheet should have your insightful questions, notes about the company, and other highlights you would like to share about yourself.

Having a note sheet handy for the conversation can be the difference-maker. You can prepare it on your computer screen or through a piece of paper on your desk. If you can access the information easily, you are set to go.

Set up Ideal Lighting

If you want to establish a strong connection with the company, the interviewer must be able to see you. Set up your laptop in an area with ample lighting. Sitting in a section with sufficient natural light is also a good strategy. When you have optimal lighting, it will also make you seem more professional.

Prepare a Professional, Aesthetic Background

In addition to strong lighting, the background and color scheme behind you is equally important. Pick a lighter background or something that does not blend with your clothes. If you have a home office, this would be the perfect spot. Remove any unprofessional objects or posters as well.

Make Sure Your Camera Is Working Properly

One of the biggest buzzkills in an interview is technical difficulties. It can hinder a healthy conversation and prevent you from making a good first impression. It would be best to test out your audio, microphone, and internet connection before the call.

Be Early

Just like any interview, punctuality is critical. Budget your time effectively so that you can jump on the call at least five minutes early. When you show up early and prepared, it will show professionalism.

Be Patient and Listen Closely

When you do a virtual interview, the communication may be slightly delayed because of an inconsistent internet connection. Therefore, it is critical to allow people to finish talking. Pause before you speak to allow for a smooth communication flow.

Show Passion in Your Responses through Nonverbal Cues

Although some nonverbal cues are lost in a virtual interview, you can make up for it when you speak. Show excitement and passion for the role in all your responses. Smile when you talk, use appropriate hand gestures, and lean forward in your chair. It is not always about what you say but how you say it.

Dress as You Would for an In-Person Interview

Although you are in the comfort of your own home, you need to dress like you would for the interview. The interviewer will only see your top half, but you should still dress for success from head to toe. In addition to having a professional background and lighting, the clothes will only enhance this.

Final Wrap Up

All the strategies listed above take little effort, but they will help you make a lasting impression. At the end of the day, the employer wants to know that you care. When coming prepared and acting like a professional, you will increase your chances of obtaining the job of your dreams.

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