These Tips Guarantee Black Friday Success

Blog | November 18th, 2016

These Tips Guarantee Black Friday Success

When I used to think about Black Friday it would send shivers down my spine. I hated the long lines, early hours and craziness of the whole thing. But that all changed two years ago when I found the best deal of my life on a TV for my husband!

Ever since then, I have completely changed my Black Friday strategy to get the most bang for my buck. I did a lot of research, and now I know where, when and what to shop for at each store. I’m on the search for that great deal rush, and I know I’ll find it again this year.
If you want to make the most of Black Friday deals here’s what you need to know!

The stores that offer the best deals are:

Macy’s– Opens 5pm Thursday
Amazon– Hours have not been released
Target– Opens 6pm Thursday
Walmart– Opens 6pm Thursday
Kohl’s– Opens 6pm Thursday
Toys R Us– Opens 5pm Thursday
Best Buy– Opens 5pm Thursday
Lowe’s– Opens 5am Friday
Sears– Opens 6pm Thursday
Costco– Opens 9am Friday

These products see the largest discounts:

Televisions– It’s not uncommon to save over $300 off on a TV on Black Friday. Last year Best Buy featured a 65-inch Samsung TV for $800 less than the retail price!
Smartphones– To find the best discounts purchase the second to last version of the phone anywhere other than the retailer. For example, this year look for discounts on the iPhone 6s anywhere expect the Apple store.
Apparel– Depending on the store you could save around 50% off on apparel and accessories. At JCPenney discounts this year should average 60%!
Video Games– Whether you want to upgrade your console or just add new games to your collection Black Friday is the time to do it. Last year, 100s of games were 50% off at Target!

Happy shopping, I hope you find the best deals possible!