Things NOT to Save Money on at the Dollar Store

Dollar stores offer a wide variety of inexpensive merchandise. Food, paper supplies, electrical products and plastic containers are being sold for as low as $0.99. Traditionally, you won’t see a person reusing plastic bags with 99 Cents store logos. Surveys show that brand conscious individuals hide their obsession with dollar stores like a secret guilt. With todays economic recession, the need for purchasing items at cheap prices is highly in-demand. More and more people are becoming price conscious nowadays. Many dollar stores offer a lot of valuable products you can use, but not all! There are some items they offer that you shouldn’t buy. Some of them may contain harmful chemicals or low quality standards, making them unsuitable for human use. Using these products might sacrifice your health, safety or your quality of life! Here are some quick guides on why you shouldn’t purchase these items in dollar stores!

Children Toys

        Toys at dollar stores are very tempting, but be careful! Most of these toys are sub-standard and did not pass a quality inspection. They may contain harmful chemicals like lead and cyanide that are very dangerous to your child's health. They might ingest some parts or paint while playing with these toys. Remember that young children typically chew on their toys and items around them. When buying toys, do not be price conscious and go for quality items that look out for the safety of your child. Check for quality seals and non-toxic logos.


        Foods from dollar stores sometimes come from low-quality manufacturers. Some reports have shown that these food items might come from illegal exports. Never purchase any suspicious items, especially when the labels have been tampered with or are unreadable. Check  for expiration dates and US approved seals to be guaranteed about the food you eat. Make sure to purchase your groceries from trusted sources and always seek for discounts!

Electrical Cords

        Faulty electrical wiring is the most common reason for fire tragedies in the US. So purchasing an electrical cord for 99 cents is not a wise decision. These kinds of electrical items are low standard and very risky for long-term use. They may explode, malfunction or burn, possibly burning down your house. To avoid these shocking results, always look for electric chords with UL quality stickers.

        Papers, wrapping papers, school supplies, cleaners: these are all good items to purchase from dollar stores, no matter how they were manufactured. Just keep in mind that you should never purchase items just because of their cheap price.  Always remember to think twice and look for quality and not quantity. You can use these tips when you shop at your nearest dollar store. Shop wisely!

        Are you fond of shopping in dollar stores? What items do you usually purchase and why? Kindly share it with us by leaving comments below!