How to Easily Clean Silver Jewelry

How to Easily Clean Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can make a great accessory to any outfit, but
it can also tarnish very easily! Jewelry polish or cleaners can get expensive,
not to mention all the harmful chemicals most of them have. The good thing is you
don’t need to buy fancy jewelry cleaner to get your silver sparkling and
shining. Here’s a simple method to save you money!

Fill a container with enough boiling water to fully submerge
the jewelry and add a tablespoon of baking soda and a piece of aluminum foil.
Put the jewelry in the container and gently move it around (with a wood or
plastic utensil) so that most of the silver comes in contact with the aluminum
foil. Then, once the jewelry has been immersed for a few minutes, or until you
see the tarnish fading, rinse it off under tap water. Voila! Enjoy your tarnish-free
and sparkling clean silver jewelry!

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