How to Eliminate Underarm Odor Naturally

| March 18th, 2014

How to Eliminate Underarm Odor Naturally

Underarm odor is an embarrassing problem for many people. Normally the production of odor in the underarm is caused by bacteria that are attracted to sweaty places like your underarm area. 

It is true that using commercial deodorant products is the fastest way to cure a smelly underarm. But almost all antiperspirants contain aluminum that’s bad for our health. So what’s the best thing to do?

Turn to nature’s healing power using plain vinegar! After taking a bath, dry your underarm completely with a soft towel. Then apply a few drops of plain vinegar using your hands. You can also use a spray bottle to make the application easier. This will keep your underarm odor-free for several hours. See? It’s all simple and cost-effective! Go ahead and give it a try!

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