How to Melt Ice and Snow Without Salt

| January 27th, 2014

How to Melt Ice and Snow Without Salt

When it comes to melting ice and snow, salt is the number one
solution most people use. However, it can wreak havoc on the environment, your
pets and your car. Salt can get on your pets paws (which can cause cracking),
it corrodes metal, is very damaging to concrete and is bad news for your lawn
and garden.

So instead of using salt, why not try out one of these
safer, more eco-friendly options:

Kitty Litter: This
is something that you most likely have lying around your house already. While
it won’t melt ice or snow, it’ll provide traction giving you a more non-slip

Sugar Beet Juice: Sounds
weird, I know. This salt alternative lowers the melting point of ice and snow
and is one of the few options that works below negative 20 degrees Celsius.
Also, it’s non-damaging to plants, your pets, metal and you!

Sand: Like kitty
litter, sand won’t necessarily melt ice or snow, but it will give you more
traction making your driveway less slippery!

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