The Definitive Guide to Spring Cleaning

| March 16th, 2015

The Definitive Guide to Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again: Spring cleaning! It’s something we all look forward to and dread at the same time. We’re eager to de-clutter and sanitize our spaces, but we’re not exactly excited about the grunt work of scrubbing, unclogging, sorting and organizing!

Well, we’re here to make sure your spring cleaning goes off without a hitch, so we’ve put together a guide with some helpful cleaning tips!

Where to Start?

The biggest thing about spring cleaning is knowing where to start. For most of us, we just eyeball it! Whatever looks the dirtiest or needs the most work, we tend to jump on this immediately. But for the rest of us who haven’t the faintest idea where to begin, This handy checklist from will keep you on track and ensure you don’t miss anything!

Garbage Disposal Clean-Up

We often forget that garbage disposals need attention, too. If neglected, they could get clogged or give off nasty odors, both of which are nightmares for the kitchen! The best way to clean your garbage disposal is to drop in a few ice cubes, salt and half a slice of lemon. The ice cubes will not only sharpen the blade of the disposal, but it will also get rid of sludge that has built up on the blades. Salt and lemon will get rid of any odors and other residue. An alternative to the salt and lemon would be vinegar and baking soda, which can also get rid of foul odors.  

Steam Cleaning Your Microwave

There’s nothing worse than a microwave splattered with stains and food residue. Scrubbing them out is just too much work, and often we can’t get to most of them and just give up! But here’s a helpful tip: steaming your microwave can loosen up built-up grime and make it easier to wipe down! Simply get a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with a cup or two of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Then let it microwave for 5 minutes. We guarantee you’ll have an easier time cleaning it now! 

Sorting Through Your Closet

Unsure what clothes, shoes or other accessories to keep, toss or donate? Ask yourself these three questions:  Do they still fit? How many times have you worn them? Can you easily mix and match them with other pieces from your wardrobe? If you’re just hanging onto a piece of clothing in the hopes that you’ll fit in them eventually, chances are they aren’t worth keeping because they will just take up space until that time, and who knows when that will be? Unless you are using the clothes as a motivator to lose or gain weight, if they don’t fit, give them away. You’ll always be able to get something else down the road when you do lose or gain the weight! When you’re done and are ready to put your clothes back in the closet, try sorting them by color (if you haven’t been already). You’ll have an easier time finding an item and getting dressed in the morning!

Cleaning Windows

Before spraying window cleaner on your glass, you should dust it properly either by wiping it down with a microfiber cloth or brush. This will make wiping the glass down with cleaner later a lot easier, ensuring grime doesn’t follow every wipe. You should also wipe down horizontally on one side of the glass (the inside, for example) and vertically on the other side (outside). This will make it easier to spot streaks and spots you’ve missed. 

Pro tip: Cleaning your windows on a cloudy day ensures that your cleaner doesn’t dry up too fast and leave streaks on your glass. 

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