Tips for Affording Summer Camp!

The month of June is all about summer camps! Is your kid looking forward to one… or more? It can be a challenge for the parents to find the best summer camp deal that your kids will love and that won’t have your bank account cannonballing off the rope swing. If you have one kid, you’ll be sure to have an easier time finding a financially acceptable option. If you have more, though, it’s time to start doing some math.

Of course, you don’t want to deny your kids the opportunity of lifelong memories because it’s too expensive! Fortunately, there are many ways to save on summer camps and there is also a long list of affordable summer camp options.

The first thing to do before anything else is to talk to your kids. Make sure that your kids want to go to the camp! Talking to your kids will assure you that this is what they want to do, and this is where they want to go. By talking to your kids, you will know which activities interest them most. There are summer camps that offer various activities like outdoors, sports, arts and academics. This way, you can be sure that the experience will be worth the cost.

These following tips and options will eventually help you earn some extra bucks, without sacrificing a fun-filled summer camp for your kids.

1. Search for Scholarships and Financial Aids – and Apply!

                  Although not all summer camps advertise these options, you can easily find out if they’re available. There are a lot of summer camps that offer need-based-scholarships, also termed as camperships. Find a list of accredited summer camps, grab your phone and give them a call. When you have found one, do not hesitate to apply.

2. Skills as Currency

                  There are a lot of parents who work at their kids’ day camp, most often at a stay-away camp. If you are a registered nurse, you could choose to work as the Camp Nurse for the whole duration! If you happen to be a musician and know how to play musical instruments of some sort, then you can be the camp’s music teacher! As long as your kids don’t die from embarrassment, this could be a cool experience for you to get involved. Of course, it will also help make the summer much more affordable. You can call accredited summer camps for these wonderful opportunities.

3. Encourage your Teenager to be a Junior Counselor

                  Although this option requires that your teenager has previously attended the camp, this is a good way to earn some discounts and get some extra bucks. Encourage your teenager to attend the same camp from the previous year, and encourage him to apply as a junior counselor. They’ll still get the camp atmosphere, while attaining leadership positions, life lessons and money in the pocket!

4. Enroll Your Kids in the Same Camp

                  Yes, there are sibling discounts. Most camps offer sibling discounts for about 5-15%. If they have similar interests, look into this option!

5. Other great Deals!

Early enrollees often get discounts; pre-paying for camp tuition will also usually give you a deal; other camps offer special discounts to kids of camp alumni. Also, search for coupons ad discounts in your local newspaper.

Are you enrolling your kid to summer camp this year? Do you have ideas on how you could save for it? Share us your thoughts and write your comments!