Top Four Frugal and Easy Ways to Cure A Sunburn!

| March 13th, 2013

Top Four Frugal and Easy Ways to Cure A Sunburn!

Nothing beats being outside on a nice warm, sunny day soaking up some rays! While enjoying some fun in the sun feels amazing, getting a sunburn feels not-so-amazing. Sunburns are not only painful but they can do some damage to the skin!

But they unfortunately happen to the best of us. So if you happen to find yourself looking like a lobster, here are four easy and frugal ways to help ease the pain and heal your sunburn!

1. You know how they say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away? Well, apples can also be great for sunburns! Instead of using an expensive moisturizer to keep your skin from blistering or peeling, all you need is an apple. Cut an apple in half, removing the core, and rub it all over your sunburn for about three to four minutes. This will soothe your skin and prevent it from peeling!

2. Vinegar is a great household product because it has so many uses! Luckily, this common commodity can also help ease the pain of a sunburn. Simply soak a cotton ball or cloth in vinegar and rub it over the affected area. Your skin will immediately feel cooler!

3. Mayo isn’t just a tasty spread for sandwiches! This condiment can act as a great substitute for aloe! I’m sure we all know how soothing aloe can be for a sunburn, but if you don’t have any handy you can use mayonnaise instead. Just be sure to apply it after you’re out of the sun!

4. You can add ‘soothing sunburns’ to the long list of benefits that green tea provides. Brew some green tea then cool it in the refrigerator. Soak a washcloth in the cooled tea and use it as a compress on your tender sunburned skin. The tea will ease the pain of your burn and help heal it as well. This is also a great way to treat a sunburned scalp! Also, some people say that green tea applied topically may even protect against skin cancer.



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