Top Three Home Remedies for Cough

| June 27th, 2013

Top Three Home Remedies for Cough

Coughing is a natural reflex but it’s so annoying! A cough can happen due to a number of reasons such as viral infection, common cold, flu, smoking, and some other health problems. A person with a cough can experience itchy throat, chest pain and congestion. Today, we have compiled the top three home remedies to relieve the symptoms of cough. Each remedy is easy to make, safe and effective. Here are some of them for you to try!

1. Garlic

Garlic has natural properties that can help treat a cough. Just take two to three cloves of garlic and boil it in a cup of water. When done, add some sugar or honey and let it cool for a while. Then drink it and you’ll soon feel relief from the irritating symptom of cough.

2. Ginger

Another popular natural remedy for a cough is ginger. Slice fresh ginger and boil it in a cup of water with a few tablespoons of sugar. Drinking this herbal solution will relieve your sore throat, non-stop coughing and even congestion.

3. Lemon

To fight a cough, lemon can be made into syrup to reduce throat inflammation and cure cough. How? Combine equal parts of lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Heat the solution until it turns into a sticky syrup. Drink this homemade syrup as often as you want and you’ll be relieved of the symptoms of cough.

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