Too Lazy to Cook? Here are Some Easy Alternatives to Fast Food

Blog | July 20th, 2012

You might hate to admit it, but there are those crazy times in a week where you just feel too lazy to cook, right?

Although usually you may love cooking, a day or two will come when you are simply not in the mood to prepare food for everyone. Of course, you know that preparing a meal for your family is healthy for both your family’s relationships and your wallet, but when the lazy cooking days come, what do you do?

Many would instinctively go for over-processed fast food meals, but this option is very unhealthy and can even end up costing a lot! Why not try to actually prepare for the lazy cooking days, instead? Perhaps, the best way to deal with the lazy cooking days is to actually prepare for them. You know they will come eventually. This way, you could have reasonable options that wouldn’t force you to swoop into the Golden Arches every time cooking a full meal seems out of reach.

These valuable tips will help you easily deal with those lazy cooking days!

Prepare your ingredients with a quick stash of fancy and easy to prepare sandwiches. Make sure to always have the right sandwich ingredients ready. Whether you enjoy bagels, a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a delicious grilled Panini, you’ll be happy to have the ingredients close at hand. Sandwiches take a matter of minutes to prepare, but depending on which you choose, can be the center of a great meal!

Go for frittatas or omelets! These will come in really handy and aren’t just for breakfast; they’re great lunch or dinner, too. All you need to do is to whip some eggs, give it a small touch of milk and add some flavor-enhancing ingredients like diced tomatoes, bell peppers or onions. You can also add some leftover ham or some other remnants of last night’s dinner. An egg-based meal is cheap, easy and takes very little time!

A quick vegetable soup is also a classic. Master the art of making a quick vegetable soup and let your family enjoy! Keep handy some diced tomatoes with chicken stock and some milk. These complete the necessary ingredients of a quick vegetable soup, but you can also add up some sautéed diced vegetables.  Have all ingredients simmer for around 20 -25 minutes and the whole family will be ready for a great-tasting soup. This is also perfect to eat with some grilled cheese sandwiches!

Always remember that your family’s health relies on the meals you choose. In those days where preparing a full meal isn’t an option, consider these tips and you are sure to serve an easy-to-prepare dish. They’ll be healthy, delicious, won’t be expensive and will be a much better option than fast food.

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