One More Reason to Get a Box of Trix: You Can Save $0.50!

“Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” Okay, well maybe they are marketed toward kids, and having kids is definitely a great excuse to add the colorful cereal to your shopping cart, but in no way are kids the only ones who can enjoy a bowl of Trix. Whether you’re buying them for your kids or simply using your children as a cover-up for bringing home a box of the fruity deliciousness, you can save $0.50 on your next box of Trix here! Simply follow these instructions!


1. Click the Click to Redeem button to go to the coupon page.

2. Click I Want This! to get this coupon.

3. Sign-up for your free account with SavingStar.

4. Enter your zip code and click Find Stores to get your local store.

5. Enter your loyalty card information into the system and click Add Card.

Your coupon will be tied to your loyalty card, so when you buy the product your savings will go directly into your SavingStar account. Once you reach $5, you can transfer it to your bank account!