Try Berry Berry Kix or Honey Kix and Save 75 Cents!

Kix cereal has filled bowls of happy kids and adults alike since 1937! The simple goodness of Kix has added two fun variations since it’s humble beginnings, though. Have you tried Berry Berry Kix or Honey Kix? Now you can for less! You can save 75 cents on your next box. Simply sign up for a free SavingStar account and use your favorite grocery store’s loyalty card. The money saved will be added to your SavingStar account!


1. Click the Click to Redeem button to go to the coupon page.

2. Click I Want This! to get this coupon.

3. Sign-up for your free account with SavingStar.

4. Enter your zip code and click Find Stores to get your local store.

5. Enter your loyalty card information into the system and click Add Card.

Your coupon will be tied to your loyalty card, so when you buy the product your savings will go directly into your SavingStar account. Once you reach $5, you can transfer it to your bank account!