10 Amazing Halloween Life Hacks You Should Know!


It's officially October, so that means it's time to get in the Halloween spirit! We love this time of year at Get It Free for lots of reasons, mostly the candy. But we also love all the cool DIY projects! Halloween is a DIY paradise with the costumes and decorations, and this video will show you some really great DIY life hacks that will make your 2015 Halloween the best one yet!

Here's what they go over in the video:

1. Pumpkin Candle
2. Glow in the Dark Balloon Ghost
3. Pumpkin Cooler
4. Pumpkin Vampire
5. Glow in the Dark Pumpkin
6. Smoking Pumpkin
7. Glow in the Dark Gallon Jug Ghost
8. Bloody Candle
9. Pumpkin Bowl
10. Puking Foam Pumpkin

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