10 Christmas Hacks You NEED to Know to Get You Through the Season!


Christmas has ALWAYS been our favorite holiday! Every year
we love to bake cookies for our neighbors, do a secret Santa gift exchange, and
drink wine while we watch our favorite Christmas movie. Christmas Vacation, anyone?

But while the holiday season is one of the most magical
times of year, it can also be one of the most stressful. Whether you’re trying
to find the perfect gift for that special someone, or battling it out over a
parking spot at the mall – tis the season for stress!

But that’s where we come into play. True to our name, Tips and Tricks Chicks, we love finding
an easier more efficient way to do something. We like to ‘work smarter, not

When we were scouring the web looking for Christmas gift
ideas, we stumbled upon this little gem of a video! This video from “The King
of Random” gives you “10 Life Hacks You Need to Know For Christmas!”

This video will show you a GREAT last minute gift idea, how
to make festive pancakes, the best way to store your Christmas lights, and so
much more!

What kind of Christmas hacks do you swear by every year?
Please watch and SHARE!

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