100-Year-Old Best Friends Give Their Take on Today’s Pop Culture!


A month before airing this interview with 100-year-old best
friends, Irene and Alice, shared their secrets on lifelong happiness and
friendship on the Steve Harvey Show. After being friends for 94 years, I can’t
imagine how different the world is today compared to when they were growing up!

In this video, Steve’s crew gets Irene and Alice back in the
hot seat. This time they give their opinions and thoughts on today’s pop culture.
Asking questions ranging from “What is a Selfie?” to “Are you disappointed in
the new iPhone operating system…some of their responses are simply hilarious!

My favorite part is Irene and Alice’s response to the last
question so be sure to watch through the whole thing for a good chuckle! SHARE
these cute little ladies’ hysterical reactions with your best friend! 

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