15-Year-Old Blows Judges Away With a Song No One Saw Coming! Her Voice- WOW!


Emily Brooke is only 15 years old, but there's something special about her that'll convince you she was made for the stage! She was convinced Ryan Seacrest spoke to her through the television screen on season 13 of American Idol! So it was no wonder why she was ecstatic to discover the show was coming to a town near her for the next season.  After dedicating every single weekend to playing her guitar and focusing on her vocals, she finally made it to her American Idol audition in Tennessee before Jennifer Lopez, Harry Conick Jr. and Keith Urban.

Watch this young girl blow the judges away with her Carrie Underwood cover of "Blown Away." I wasn't expecting such a powerful voice to come from such a young girl! Keith couldn't have said it better, Emily truly has  "raw talent!" 

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