3D Printing Allows Blind Mother to See the Ultrasound of Her Child


One of the most exciting moments of being a mother is when you get the first ultrasound. It's when you're first really introduced to your baby. It's a magical moment being able to see the life that's inside your body, and even more amazing when you hear his or her little heartbeat. For some mothers, such as 30-year-old Tatiana Guerra from Brazil, the experience is a little bit different because she cannot see. 

While Tatiana desperately wants to meet her little one, whom they've given the name Murilo, she can't. Not like other mothers can. But thanks to rapidly advancing 3D printing technology, she was able to get a glimpse of her baby. The doctors at her ultrasound clinic, with the help of diaper brand Huggies, surprised Tatiana with a 3D-printed ultrasound picture of Murilo. In that moment, Tatiana was able to see her baby just like other mothers are able to. 

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