4 Hours After Birth, Her Babies Passed Away. See How This Family Coped The Death Of Their Precious Triplets.


Starting a family was all this newlywed couple wanted in life. Their love story was nearly perfect and knew having a child would make their lives complete. But their hope for one baby tripled when they discovered they were pregnant with triplets one month after their wedding!

Their friends and families were nearly as thrilled as they were until their happiness came to a sudden halt. The babies came into the world prematurely at only 22 weeks. Although devastated, this couple was still able to have their happily ever after- even if it only last four hours long. 

This is a tribute to Bernadette, Adam and Christine, the three babies who passed away in their mothers arms too soon. This couple's beautiful story may leave you in tears, but their message in the end will be worth the struggle watching. 

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