4 Out of 20 People Stopped to Help – Would You?


Domestic violence seems to be a very hush hush topic that is
more common than we might think. 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic
violence at some point in their lifetime, according to this video. What would
you do if you happened to witness acts of domestic violence in public? Would
you intervene and do something to help?

This video shows a couple that is arguing in the street,
where the man is getting physical with the woman. There is a hidden camera set
up and they’re trying to see how many people actually stop to help the woman in
need. The number of people that stopped to help is surprising – only 4 out of
20 tried to help the woman! It makes you stop and wonder what you would do in
that situation, or if you would even notice! Please SHARE this eye-opening video!

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