5 Deliciously Easy Mug Cake Recipes You Can Make in Just ONE MINUTE!


Tis the
season for baking and delicious treats! But sometimes you feel like having a
tasty treat without the hassle and mess of baking an entire cake.

chef Gemma Stafford is here to show us how to bake delicious cakes using barely
any utensils, in just one minute! In this video she breaks it down and shows us
how to make five different flavors of mug cakes in the microwave in just a few

shows us how to easily make: funfetti, gluten-free chocolate banana, red
velvet, apple crumb, and rainbow mug cakes. With just a mug, a bowl, and a few
utensils she made these delicious treats in no time.

did you think of these mug cakes, would you give any of these a whirl? Watch
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Note: For full recipes, click on
the YouTube icon, the recipes are listed under the video there.

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