5 Women Who Have Never Seen Their Vaginas


YouTube sensation Davey Wavey sent out a Craigslist ad looking
for women who had never seen their vaginas. He found five women who had never
really explored down there and asked them why they haven’t taken a peep. Some
of the answers were lighthearted like “Because my stomach is covering it!” or
“I wanted to be a nun …”. Some of the other answers weren’t as light: “The
first guy who went down there told me it was hideous …” and “I was raped and
kind of just pushed it out of my mind.” Regardless of their reasons why, all of
the women were equally apprehensive and insecure about their vaginas. So, they
set up a private vanity, a ‘Vagina Booth’, and gave all the women a mirror so
they could take a peek. Their reactions to seeing their vaginas for the first
time might surprise you! Check out how they feel afterward then SHARE this thought-provoking video!

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